LOA’s gymnastics classes offers instruction for all ages and skill levels from toddlers to teens, and beginners to our competitive team.  Athletes in LOA’s gymnastics program begin with basic skills coached on all four apparatuses — vault, bars, beam, and floor.  Our coaches instruct through curriculum designed for progression as athletes develop gymnastics skills, perfect form, and increase strength, flexibility, and fitness.  LOA’s gymnastics program offers a by invitation training program for those with a serious desire and potential for competitive gymnastics.  The class descriptions below provide an overview and the requirements for each gymnastics class.  Gymnastics classes are one hour sessions unless otherwise stated below.



This class is designed for young toddler athletes and mothers exploring gymnastics together through an organized setting. Under instruction from an LOA gymnastics coach, mothers work with their toddlers on basic gymnastics activities using gym apparatus to strengthen coordination, balance and motor skills. Gym apparatus includes: soft balance beam, low toddler bars, tiny trampoline, foam pit and wedge tumbling mats.

Class: 35 minutes
Ages: 1 – 2 years

Tiny Tots

These classes are designed for young athletes beyond toddler age and through pre-k.  In the 3 year old class, LOA coaches continue to focus on motor skills, coordination, integrating 3 year olds into a structured class setting, and basic gymnastics movement. This class is much like mommy and me, except athletes are more independent. The 3 year old class builds on the 1-2 year old class but quicker paced, more physically and mentally demanding, and focused on good form.

3 Year Class: 45 minutes


This class is designed as an introduction to gymnastics for young athletes ages 4-5 yr olds. This is the beginning level of instruction for a child that has never experienced gymnastics. Each child receives an introduction to terminology, beginning conditioning skills and instruction on vault, bars, beam and floor. Additionally, this class serves as an introduction to fitness, strength and flexibility.

Ages: 4-5 year olds


This class is aimed at improving gross motor skills and creating body awareness while gaining new skills across vault, bars, beam and floor). This class teaches fundamental body positions, skills, and terms that are essential in all other classes offered at Legion of All-stars. It is essential to master this level in order to be successful in gymnastics.

Ages: 6 & up


This class is for students with previous gymnastic experience. Intermediate Gymnastics builds on the body positions, skills, and terms learned in Beginner Gymnastics. Athletes add to each fundamental skill learned previously as well as learn new skills. Focus includes skill perfection, form and execution. After completing Intermediate Gymnastics, athletes will gain 50% of skills required for the first level of team gymnastics. This class is fast paced and physically and mentally demanding on the athlete. This level is the last step on the way to a two hour class.

Ages: 6 & up

ADVANCED (Army Green Pre-Team)

This class is for students aiming to be on Legion Team Gymnastics. This is a two hour advanced class that trains athletes just like team, whether or not they actually advance to team. Coaches focus heavily on form, flexibility, conditioning, and doing skills in a routine format. Athletes apply every skill learned in Beginner and Intermediate classes focused on mastering skills and technique for a successful advancement to team.